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VR 360 Project Overview

A grant opportunity from Washington State Library


Equipment to be Awarded

Equipment included in each kit  

  • 4 Oculus GO headsets
  • 1 Insta 360 One-X Video camera
    • In its own protective case within kit
  • 2 Wireless microphones
    • 1 headset/handheld and 1 lapel
  • 1 three port USB charging unit
    • For charging the camera and wireless microphones
  • 1 Zoom 4Hn Portable audio recorder
  • 1 ASUS Ryzen 17” laptop
  • 1 tripod
  • 1 handheld stick mount
  • Miscellaneous training materials and equipment documentation
  • 1 Pelican Case customized to contain all equipment mentioned above
  • 1 Facebook Portal (standalone, not housed in kit)

Expenses Covered

Travel expenses 

We plan to reimburse allowable travel expenses for the 6/16 and 6/17 2022 in-person training sessions. We will only provide this support for the library’s grant Project Manager. If the library wishes to send an additional person, either a staff person from the library, or a collaborating community group member, we will have room for one additional person per awardee at this training.