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VR 360 Project Overview

A grant opportunity from Washington State Library


VR 360 Overview

Virtual Reality in 360 (VR 360) is a special grant program that will provide your library with the tools and specialized training needed to create a virtual experience. Your presentation could be any topic or story that has importance for your community. It could explore a historic site, letting the viewer experience places that may normally be closed. It might be an inside look at a cultural event so the viewer has the same vantage point as a real participant. Maybe it will be a way to witness a special process from start to finish.

Our purpose is to teach library staff how to create these stories by giving library staff what they need to help produce these stories for their community. Washington State Library (WSL) will support six libraries as they create a 360 story and then preserve it on the WSL webpage. 

  • Public, tribal, and academic libraries are eligible to apply for the VR 360 grant cycle.
  • This grant will supply the equipment needed to create a 360 virtual reality presentation.
  • The story should demonstrate how something is created or happens.
  • Partnerships with historic organizations or cultural community groups are strongly encouraged.

XR Libraries ( will be the trainer for this project. XR Libraries consulting firm has considerable experience in the Virtual Reality field and has worked with libraries for several years.

WSL will award grants to six libraries.


If you have questions about the application process, please email

If you have questions about VR 360 stories or technology, please email the Project Manager,

Virtual Reality in Libraries 360


Funding provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services,
administered by the Library Service and Technology Act,
through Washington State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State.