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Digital Skills Resources for Washingtonians: Self-Paced Courses & Practice Exams With GMetrix

Walk-through of available resources, learning paths, and value of outcomes.

What Is GMetrix?

Blue Gmetrix letters with an orange rainbow above

Gmetrix is a versatile platform designed to help individuals prepare for certification exams across various software applications and IT skills. It offers a simulated testing environment where users can practice and assess their proficiency in a subject. Gmetrix also gives you access to self-paced courses specific to your exam preparation, including additional study materials.

How Do I Use GMetrix to Study?

  • Simply reach out to your local library to access this resource.  Library staff will ask you about your goals, and the exam(s) you're interested in preparing for.  You will receive a code specific to you and the exam(s) you're prepping for, good for up to one year.
  • You may also reach out to the state library directly if you local library does not participate to receive your code(s). via your state library card. How do I sign up for a State card?
  • If you have a state library card, you may contact to request access code(s) for the exam that interests you.
  • Log into
  • Create your account
  • Enter your code to start exploring your study content. Click here for a video overview of how to study in Gmetrix!

WSL and participating libraries offer the following practice tests and self-paced courses:

Exam Type LearnKey Self-Paced Courses Available Practice Tests Available Certification Vouchers Available
ACP Adobe Certified Professional x x x
NEW! CompTia A+ , Net +, Sec + x x Contact
CSB - Communication Skills for Business x x x
ESB - Entrepreneurship & Small Business x x x
IC3 Digital Literacy x x x
ITS - IT Specialist x x x
MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist x x x
MCF - Microsoft Certified Fundamentals x x x


For Library Staff

  • If you are interested in offering these resources to patrons in your community, pleaser reach out to learn more.
  • If you are a participating library experiencing issues, Feel free to reach out to Joyce or contact GMetrix technical support, 801.323.5800 and