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Digital Skills Resources for Washingtonians: Northstar Assessments & Northstar Online Learning

Walk-through of available resources, learning paths, and value of outcomes.

What is Northstar?

Northstar Logo, a Black, bold letter N surrounded by yellow and turquoise trianglesNorthstar is a Digital Literacy & Northstar Online Learning platform developed by nonprofit Literacy Minnesota. 

Northstar provides online, self-guided assessments of digital skills in each of 14 areas, focusing on the foundational skills needed to use a computer and the internet in daily life, employment, and higher education.

Essential Computer Skills Essential Software Skills Using Technology in Daily Life

Basic Computer Skills

Internet Basics

Using Email



Basic Computer Skills

Internet Basics

Using Email



Social Media

Information Literacy

Career Search Skills

Accessing Telehealth Appointments

Your Digital Footprint

Supporting K-12 Distance Learning


How Does Northstar Work?

  • A subscription to Northstar provides access to self-paced online learning modules and classroom Curricula to prepare learners for assessments in each of the 14 areas.

  • This Curricula is currently available in English and Latin American Spanish.

  • Assessment feedback is strengths-based, showing learners where they already have foundational skills as well as directing them to areas for practice.

  • Test takers can receive certificates and/or digital badges when they pass Northstar assessments in a proctored environment at a Northstar testing location.  Proctored assessments are offered at many libraries, WorkSource locations, and Community-Based Organizations. If you need help locating a Northstar location closest to you that will meet you needs, please reach out to

  • Anyone can take their digital skills assessment for free at

Northstar Training & Support Resources

How do Libraries Get Access to Northstar?

Every library in Washington is eligible for a Northstar account free through the state library.  This includes public, tribal, educational and special libraries.  If you are interested in trying out Northstar at your institution, please contact

How Do Community-Based Organizations Access Northstar via the State Library?

Community-based organizations may access Northstar for their programs through the Washington State Library. Please contact to discuss your ideas and needs.

  • WSL can provide access to a test account, and based on your needs, can provide a dedicated site license or access to a shared license.
  • Community-based organizations may be asked to share a license under some circumstances with another community-based organization.
  • For security purposes, A library may not share the same license with a Community-based organization.
  • Community-based organizations in need of a dedicated license will work with the state library on an annual basis to evaluate continued need.


Not sure and want to discuss further?

If you are a government entity or a business, please reach out to discuss your needs further.