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Newspapers of Washington State


Washington State Library's newspaper collection includes current print issues, historical newspapers on microfilm, and some issues that are searchable online. We subscribe to approximately 125 daily and weekly newspapers throughout Washington, plus a few out-of-state papers. The microfilm collection consists of over 50,000 reels of newspapers dating from the 1850s to the present. We offer even more research options through free and subscription newspaper databases. The subscription newspaper databases will require a Washington State Library card number to view the database. If you are a Washington state resident see this website on how to get a Washington State Library card.

The Washington State Library serves as the depository "for newspapers published in the state of Washington thus providing a central location for a valuable historical record." [RCW 27.04.045]

Washington's First Newspaper

Washington's first newspaper, The Columbian, published it's first issue on September 11, 1852, in Olympia, while Washington was still part of the Oregon Territory. This title was published until November 26, 1853, when the name changed to Washington Pioneer. At the library we have this newspaper available as microfilm, or you can view it from the comfort of your home on the Washington Digital Newspaper website. If you want to learn more about The Columbian, check out this great essay on

A Sampling of Washington State Newspaper Mastheads

Puget Sound Dispatch

Masthead of the Puget Sound Dispatch from December 25, 1871, published in Seattle.

Washington Standard

Masthead of the Washington Standard from November 17, 1860, published in Olympia.

The Lynden Pioneer Press

Masthead of The Lynden Pioneer Press from October 16, 1888, published in Lynden.

Industrial Freedom

The Masthead of the Industrial Freedom from September 24, 1898, published in Edison.

The Eye

Masthead of The Eye from July 11, 1883, published in Snohomish City.

Washington Pioneer

Masthead of the Washington Pioneer from December 24, 1853, published in Olympia.

Aberdeen Herald

Masthead of the Aberdeen Herald from March 26, 1891, published in Aberdeen.

Northwest Enterprise

Masthead of the Northwest Enterprise from March 25, 1882, published in Anacortes.

Den Danske Kr√łnike

Masthead of Den Danske Krønike from June 23, 1917, published in Spokane.

Walla Walla Statesman

Masthead of the Walla Walla Statesman from September 2, 1864, published in Walla Walla.

The Columbian

Masthead of The Columbian from September 11, 1852, published in Olympia.

The Colville Examiner

Masthead of The Colville Examiner from April 4, 1908, published in Colville.

The Weekly Argus

Masthead of The Weekly Argus from February 23, 1871, published in Port Townsend.

Spokane Falls Review

Masthead of the Spokane Falls Review from June 2, 1883, published in Spokane Falls.

Adams County News

Masthead of Adams County News from February 2, 1898, published in Ritzville.

The Northern Star

Masthead of The Northern Star from January 15, 1876, published in Snohomish City.

Wenatchee Daily World

Masthead of the Wenatchee Daily World from August 28, 1907, published in Wenatchee.

Vancouver Register

Masthead of The Vancouver Register from December 23, 1865, published in Vancouver.

Daily Intelligencer

Masthead of The Daily Intelligencer from June 8, 1876, published in Seattle.

Lynden Tribune

Masthead of The Lynden Tribune from July 16, 1908, published in Lynden.

Washington Gazette

Masthead of The Washington Gazette from August 15, 1863, published in Seattle.

The Catholic Northwest Progress

Masthead of The Catholic Northwest Progress from May 5, 1922, published in Seattle.

The Washington Farmer

Masthead of The Washington Farmer from June 15, 1914, published in Spokane.

The Spokan Times

Masthead of The Spokan Times from July 4, 1879, published in Spokan Falls.

The Evening Statesman

Masthead for The Evening Statesman from January 21, 1910, published in Walla Walla.

Truth Teller

Masthead of the Truth Teller from February 3, 1858, published in Steilacoom.

Puget Sound Weekly

Masthead of the Puget Sound Weekly from April 30, 1866, published in Seattle.

The Oroville Weekly Gazette

Masthead of The Oroville Weekly Gazette from January 23, 1920, published in Oroville.

The Pullman Herald

Masthead of The Pullman Herald from November 3, 1888, published in Pullman.

The Ranch

Masthead of The Ranch from June 15, 1909, published in Seattle.

Washington Statesman

Masthead of the Washington Statesman from January 25, 1862, published in Walla Walla.