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Trustee Support Resources

Laws relating to library services

The Washington Library Association (WLA) provides a wealth of information related to laws affecting libraries. As stated on their Library Related Legislation web page:

"The Association actively pursues a legislative agenda that presents the interests of its members through a legislative planning committee and a contract government relationship representative who works with the Washington State Legislature.”

Among the many resources available at this site are:

  • Washington State Bills of Interest.
  • Fact Sheets and Issue Briefs.
  • Legislative Session Reports (both past and present).
  • Washington State Legislature Links.
  • Federal Library Legislation Links.
  • Library Advocacy Resources.

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Workplace Rights web site includes information on numerous issues including:

  • Minimum Wage.
  • Overtime.
  • Breaks and Schedules.
  • Safety Complaints.
  • Teen Workers.
  • Leave Time.
  • Discrimination in the Workplace.