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Interlocal Cooperation Act

The Interlocal Cooperation Act (RCW 39.34) authorizes public agencies to contract with other public agencies to perform governmental activities and deliver public services.  Under RCW 39.34.030, a public library can contract with another local agency for services as long as both entities have the inherent authority to provide the service.  Critical components to be included in such agreements are defined by RCW 29.34.030(3) and include:

  • The purpose(s) of the agreement;
  • The duration of the agreement;
  • The precise organization, composition, and nature of the resulting entity that may be created by the agreement;
  • The powers delegated to such an entity;
  • How the joint or cooperative undertaking will be financed;
  • How the budget is created and maintained;
  • Procedure to terminate agreement, either partially or completely;
  • The disposition of property in the event of partial or complete termination.

The Attorney General of Washington has weighed in on code cities that are not located within a library district entering into interlocal agreements. This informal opinion references RCW 27.12.180 and RCW 35A.27.010