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Municipal Library

  • By city government; or
  • By petition of 100 taxpayers followed by majority vote at the next municipal or special election.

See also RCW 27.12.030.

May annex any city or town with a population of 100,000 or less at the time of annexation (RCW 27.12.010(8)) and adjacent unincorporated territory in the county.

See also RCW 27.12.470.

Books and other printed or written materials belonging to the library shall go to the library of the county in which the municipality is located. Lacking a county library, such materials will go to the state library. All other library property shall be disposed of as the legislative body of the governmental unit shall direct.

See also RCW 27.12.320.

By vote of registered voters within the governmental unit in which the library is located as prescribed in RCW 27.12.030.

See also RCW 27.12.320RCW 27.12.380.