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Trustee Support Resources

Travel and Social Events

May board members travel together?
Yes, board members may travel together or gather for purposes other than a regular or special meeting, as long as no action is taken. RCW 42.30.070
May board members participate in social gatherings?
Board members may attend social gatherings, provided no official business is discussed at those gatherings. RCW 42.30.070
Our board would like to hold a social event for our Trustees, Friends’ Board, and Foundation Board. It will be scheduled during after hours and is intended to be a social mixer. Do you have any suggestions to ensure transparency?
Although no notice is required for such an event, the following approaches are recommended:
  • Don’t treat it as a special meeting – send out invitations as if it were a party;
  • At the door, have everyone read and then sign a sheet that states that no business will be discussed;
  • If any members of the public show up, invite them in.
  • A fourth option is to treat the event as a special meeting. If so, all of the requirements for special meetings (RCW 42.30.080) must be followed.