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Minutes and Recordings of Minutes

What are the requirements for minutes for regular and special meetings of library boards or commissions?
Accurate minutes of public meetings must be maintained and made available to the public upon request. RCW 42.32.030 does not specify format or content, but the Open Government Ombudsman recommends that minutes contain, at a minimum, the following:
  1. Attendance of members;
  2. A final meeting agenda and any amendments during the meeting;
  3. Index any materials submitted and reviewed during the meeting;
  4. The final disposition of any matters for which the governing body takes final action;
  5. How each member voted if requested by a member during the voting.

(Posted by the Open Government Ombudsman at 06/08/2009 02:52:43 PM on Unredacted.)

Are minutes of an executive session required?
No minutes are required because executive sessions are not public meetings.
May the public make an audio or video recording of a board meeting?
Although the Act does not specifically address whether the public may make an audio or video recording of a meeting, there is general agreement that recording is permitted if it is not disruptive.  AG Opinion, AGO 1998 No. 15 provides additional clarification regarding recordings of official proceedings.