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Rural Library District

Definition: RCW 27.12.010 (7): "… a library serving all the area of a county not included within the area of incorporated cities and towns:  PROVIDED, That any city or town meeting the population requirements of RCW 27.12.360 may be included therein as provided in RCW 27.12.360 through 27.12.390" (i.e., RCW 27.12.370 , RCW 27.12.380, and RCW 27.12.390)

To establish a rural county library district

  • Petition is signed by at least 10% of registered voters in the area who voted in the last general election. The petition may include a proposed initial maximum levy rate;
  • After confirming the petition, the county legislative authority places proposition to establish the library on ballot for the next general or special election; The ballot must include the proposed initial maximum levy rate if that had been specified in the petition;
  • If majority approves proposition, county legislative authority declares rural county library district to be established

See also RCW 27.12.040.

Any city or town with a population of 300,000 or less at the time of annexation may become a part of any rural county library district lying contiguous to it by annexation as follows:

  • An ordinance for annexation is submitted to the library board of the city or town for review and recommendations. If no library board exists in the city or town, the state library shall be notified of the proposed ordinance;
  • The legislative authority of a city or town desiring annexation adopts the ordinance stating its intent to join the library district;
  • If the board of trustees of the library district agrees to the annexation, notification is transmitted to the legislative authority or authorities of the counties of the city or town to be annexed.

See also RCW 27.12.360.

Library district may be dissolved after it has been in operation for 3 or more years provided that:

  • A petition by at least 10% of registered voters in service area to dissolve library district is filed with the board of trustees of the district at least 90 days before a general election that includes the proposition on the ballot;
  • A proposition is approved by a majority of registered voters living within the service area.

Note: Provisions are made for withdrawal from a library district as well as reannexation after an area has been withdrawn from the boundaries of a library district in RCW 27.12.355.

See also RCW 27.12.320.

Books and other printed materials belonging to the library shall go to the state library. All other library property shall be disposed of as the legislative body of the governmental unit shall direct.

See also RCW 27.12.320.