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Frequently Asked Questions

Procedure to place annexation vote before the citizens

  1. The town prepares proposes an ordinance to join.  They SHOULD NOT take any action on it other than to propose it.

  1. The Board “affirms” that they are happy to have the town join the district on the terms expressed in the proposed ordinance.

  1. The Town Council then passes the proposed ordinance and sends it back to the Library Board.

  1. The Library Board takes action (passes a motion/a resolution) to accept the ordinance at a regular or special meeting of the Board.

  1. The Library Board then notifies the County Commissioners.  The notification could be a cover letter explaining the situation over a copy of the minutes of the meeting with the motion/resolution included.

  1. RCW 27.12.370 says the County Commissioners shall (meaning in this instance are required) hold an election for this ordinance to go before the voters of the town to be annexed.